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Working to create our own repo
« on: July 07, 2017, 07:01:50 PM »
Due to the inconsistencies of the TinyCore software repositories, we are working to create our own from scratch - pushing us further from a fork to being our own, fully unique distro!  While some of the items in the below list have been attempted at getting resolved, they are still problems and are being addressed:

- Names are not uniform
          Example: foo.tcz in x86 (i32) might be foo-ng.tcz in x86_64 (i64)
- Packages are not split the same way
          Example: foo.tcz in x86 (i32) might include binaries, documentation, and libraries, whereas there might be foo.tcz, foo-lib.tcz, foo-doc.tcz in x86_64 (i64)
- The existence of a package in one repo does not mean it is available in another
          Example: foo.tcz exists for x86 (i32), but not for x86_64 (i64) or RPi (r32)
- The source code used to build the packages may not be the same
          Example: foo.tcz in x86 (i32) might be using 1.2.3 version of source code and the x86_64 (i64) might use 1.3.4
- The compile flags are not the same
          Example: foo.tcz in x86 (i32) might use "--option1=xyz --option2 --option3", whereas "--option2 --option5" may be used to compile for x86_64 (i64)
- Useful files are missing
          Example: .desktop files are used by a lot of user interfaces to load software correctly, but they are missing in many of the packages causing error messages or no loading at all

Hopefully over the next 60-90 days we will have this ironed out.  If anyone is interested is contributing their time or talents (many hands make for light work), please visit the following slack group: