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We have a release for the Raspberry Pi's


As noted in our wiki, we wanted to create a release for the Raspberry Pi boards by Q2 2017 and we made it!

Testing shows that there is quite a bit of lag for the Pi2 and only marginally less when using a Pi3 with the vanilla edition (VE).  The embedded edition (EE) should perform without problems since the local user interface is command line.  Users who wish to troubleshoot the problem and help are welcomed to do so!  Users of the Pi0 and Pi1 should currently avoid using VE altogether, but should have no issues with EE.

In addition, we would like to point out that due to the non-standardization of the TC software repo's, some of the base packages used by are not currently present for this release and will cause some problems.  We are working on this and will update when fixes have been made.


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