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Feature highlights with the May release


Although still in beta, each version is becoming more and more stable while gaining and expanding features.  With that being said, we would like to highlight some of them in the 2017.05.07.0 release.  While the below list is not exhaustive, it does provide a few key examples:

- The sheer size of the OS
     EE 32bit is 37MB
     EE 64bit is 41MB
     VE 32bit is 69MB
     VE 64bit is 76MB

- Control one device with another device
     Using a mobile phone, you can control another computer (e.g. HTPC) to play music, movies, and slideshows!
     NOTE: This is currently only available in the default theme and has been tested using Google's Chrome on the mobile device

- Media lookups
     Using the "State > Video" or similar link, the selected media file will have its information shown before playing
     NOTE: this will require the files to be in a certain format, see our wiki for additional information

- Various themes
     Are you a user from the Microsoft Windows or the Unity Linux interface?  We have themes available for you to continue working in those familiar environments - with others soon to come!

- Useful for new and legacy equipment
     Since the OS requires low resources, it can be used on a variety of devices - whether headed or headless!
     Additionally the boot media (FIRMWARE) can be a hard drive, flash drive, SD card, CD, DVD, etc with the DATA partition being any media that's connected and writable
     NOTE: if booting off of optical media, it can be removed once the OS has loaded


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