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Forum Rules and Guidelines:

Our support forums were set up to promote discussion related to any category listed and are not to be used as a personal blog of one's experience and/or opinion.  When posting, please be as succinct as possible so others will be able to quickly search for answers to previously asked questions. Do not go from one question to a completely different question in the same thread, but instead create a new post for each unrelated topic.  Also be aware that the following conditions are necessary to interact here:

- No solicitation for money or equipment
- No attachments or links of binary extensions
- no commercial links, especially on selling or advertising
- Posts should be reasonably readable and succinct, stay on point.
- Private messages are private and should be kept as such unless consent of all parties is obtained
- Licenses are to be respected
- No spam or generally unrelated and unwanted topics
- All posts must be in English
- Do not reply to posts in violation, please use the "Report to moderator" link instead
- No flaming or trolling
- Keep it respectful at all times
- If you believe there is reasonable grounds for an exception to these terms, please inquire first

Violating content (or in suspicion of) may be moved/removed/edited/blocked and may have other consequences depending on the severity.  If this was done in error, please contact an Administrator.  The outlines conditions in this post are subject to change, so you may want to review this post periodically.


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